How Does an HHO Conversion Work? HHO Kits Reviewed!

Last year alone over 90,000 manuals sold on water for gas, the effectiveness of this method to convert gas to water is now proven. There are thousands of websites and articles on this subject alone, however you must be careful.

How Does an HHO Conversion Work?

A HHO conversion kit is needed of course, it requires some technical knowledge. Anyone with any type of technical skills can build a hho conversion kit in 1 afternoon. I would suggest you let your local mechanic install it on your car.

The water to gas concept is becoming increasingly popular because of the spike in gas prices.

you can literally save 20-40% of gas money, this % = $800 to $1200 per year depending on the car you drive.

Some HHO Conversion kits are given clear step by step instructions and can be finished rather quickly. There are some hho kits sold on eBay and other online venues. There is a link to a website below that has served me well.. The website breaks down the 3 most popular water to gas hho conversion kits websites and tells you the positives and negatives of each.

HHO conversion kit. It is easy to do yourself or the alternative is to pass it to your mechanic. In any case, the first advantage is the cheapness of making and installing it. Allow $60 for a manual and another $120 for materials which can all be sourced online or from your local hardware store. Think about another $100 if you need to call on the assistance of a mechanic.

Then, of course, there are the savings on gas.