Will My Vehicle Warranty Still Be Valid If I Ship My Car Abroad?

If you are planning to ship your car overseas in areas that have facilities to provide automotive services, your car’s vehicle warranty issued by your car manufacturer and/or dealer in the United States may not be valid overseas. You should look into buying an extended auto warranty often called an international vehicle warranty before shipping your car overseas. Your automobile manufacturer or dealer can be contacted before you ship your car overseas to find a suitable extended vehicle warranty or an international car warranty.

Shipping your car abroad and hoping to use your U.S. auto manufacturer’s car warranty abroad would not be a wise course of action. Neither would be waiting until your car is abroad before finding an international warranty to buy overseas. You can locate an extended warranty seller online very easily and very economically. Of course, your car warranty should be valid in the United States or else you might want a more expensive vehicle warranty.

Vehicle warranties in the United States and abroad are time oriented. If your auto warranty has expired, you should buy an extended warranty to cover your costs in maintaining your auto before you buy an international vehicle warranty. There are some online sellers of international auto warranties that are very inexpensive. There might be a reason for the low cost of international vehicle warranties. Your best course to insure your overseas experience with your auto is to contact your car’s manufacturer either directly or through your auto dealer and get more detailed information.

Another point to remember is that your automobile warranty in the United States covers your car repairs, usually, only if a manufacturer approved mechanic or garage does the repairs. In many instances, if you use an unauthorized car repair garage, your warranty won’t be valid even here in the United States. Before spending more money on an international vehicle warranty, you might ask whether there are authorized mechanical service areas in the country where you will be shipping your car.

But, if your question is simply will your warranty be valid if you ship your car overseas, the answer is not if you repair your car overseas at an unauthorized dealer or repair shop. There are many expenses involved in shipping a car overseas. One of them is getting an international vehicle warranty. The reason why so many people choose to ship their car overseas is because the cost of buying a car overseas is astounding when compared to the cost of buying a car in the United States. Even with shipping costs and additional auto warranties, it is cheaper to buy a car in the United States than overseas.

Vehicle warranties when used appropriately can make what appears to be a costly repair situation an almost pleasant experience. There are parts of any auto that would cost thousands out of your pocket if they should need repairs. Auto warranties take that burden off of your shoulders or shall we say, your pocket book.

Steps to Consider for Submitting Fitment Data to Amazon

What is fitment data?

Fitment data is nothing but the details of auto parts that fit to the vehicle. It is also called as Aftermarket Catalog Exchange (ACES) as per the North American industry standard. You never have to pay for gathering the ACES data. Instead, you need to work with a data service provider which can present the fitment data into the ACES / XML format.

Steps for submitting the data

As a fitment data provider, you need to integrate a tool whenever you are directly providing fitment data. It’s also essential to have an Amazon’s seller central account for submitting the relevant data. Usually, the data is submitted in an xml format after it goes through numerous systems.

If you are wondering which tool is to be used, then it’s nothing but the Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU). The tool only helps to send the data and doesn’t let you edit as per your desires.

So, if you are thinking about fitment data submission to Amazon, then you need to go through resources available online. Basically, the entire procedure outlines two options, for data transmission. If you opt for the direct method, then information needs to be submitted through the tool. But, for the indirect method, you need to use the options of the third party data provider.

Soon after you have followed the instructions, you may not observe the fitment data on the ASINs. In that case, here are the steps you need to follow.

>> Open the case under ‘Products and Inventory’ and enter the title as ‘Submitted Fitment Data Not Appearing’. Later, you need to include the Amazon fitment data provider’s name, the AAIA brand name, and one to three ASINs as the examples.

This information would then be reviewed by the team as it takes care of the issue.

For uploading the Partslink number and OEM part number, you first need to create a listing, and then change every listing one after the other.

To add the individual listings, you need to search for the Amazon’s catalog and check whether the product exists.

If the product name appears on the screen, then you need to click the ‘Sell Yours’ button. Depending on how the list was created, you need to click on the ‘Edit’ option and follow the instructions for adding the information.

If you are unable to match the product, then it’s better to create a new list. After selecting the ‘Automotive Category’ you should continue navigating the categorization unless you are prompted to select the product category.

Later, you need to add information by stating the ‘OEM Equivalent Part Number’ / ‘partslink-number’. The details can be found in the Vital info under the ‘More Details’ tab. Further, you need to go through the tab as you click the ‘Advanced View’ option.

When it’s time to make changes, you can either edit the individual or multiple listings. If you prefer editing the list in bulk, then you need to use the ‘template’ reference. After filling in the details, you need to enter the relevant Partslink number.

Finally, if the OEM part numbers aren’t visible on the ASIN detail pages, then you should contact the Seller central. At this instance, you need to mention the ‘OEM Part Number Fitment Data issue’ and include the ASIN(s) in the question.

4 Tips to Maintain Your Bentley’s Engine

Although many drivers don’t have their vehicle serviced on a regular basis, it should be their priority. Ongoing maintenance of the engine offers a lot of benefits. As far as the engine of Bentley is concerned, it is known for its high performance. This is the reason this engine requires a higher level of maintenance than vehicles. Regular care and maintenance will ensure the reliability and consistency of your vehicle. Given below are some of the tips that will help you maintain your Bentleys engine.

Change the Fluids in a Timely Fashion

For the reliability and high performance of any engine, the fluids should be clean and full. For example, the brake oil, steering oil, engine oil, transmission oil, and coolant should be full. Apart from this, these oils should be changed after you your vehicle has been driven for a certain period of time or after a specific number of kilometers.

We suggest that you hire the services of a qualified automotive specialist for regular inspection. This is of paramount importance.

Clean or Change the Filters

The air filter of your engine plays an important role. This filter helps filter debris, dirt, and dust. These particles continue to accumulate in your engine. If the filter is not cleaned or changed, it may cause a blockage. As a result, your Bentley may not give high performance.

Ideally, the color of the filter should be white or off-white. If it looks dirty, it’s time to get it replaced with a new one. A dirty filter may reduce the horsepower and efficiency of your Bentley.

Hire the Services of a Bentley Specialist

Although you can find a lot of automotive shops in your area, not all of them will be able to perform a high level of inspection and maintenance of your vehicle. Since Bentley cars have their own engineering and design, only a specialist should be hired to inspect the engine and perform necessary maintenance.

You can easily hire a specialist if you go online or check out customer reviews. Alternatively, you can call different service providers to get estimates and other relevant information.

Stick to your Bentley’s Maintenance Plan

Apart from changing filters and fluids on a regular basis, you also need to perform other procedures. For example, you will have to replace parts of the suspension to fix the system. These components may need to be replaced or serviced at specific intervals.

If you want to find out how to perform regular maintenance of your vehicle, you can refer to the owner’s manual of your pantry. Based on the age and mileage of your vehicle, you can follow the maintenance guidelines given in the manual. You can also consult a qualified Bentley specialist to get a maintenance plan that may work for you.

Long story short, these are just some of the tips that will help you maintain your Bentley. If you follow these steps, your Bentley will be in tip-top condition and will stand the test of time.

So, these are some tips that will help you maintain your Bentley engine and save a lot of money on major repairs.

How to Convert Auto Engines to Marine Use

Have you ever think of converting your vehicle engine for marine use? If you have an old model vehicle that is not in good running condition but the engine still works well and you’re in a place near to water area converting your auto engine to marine use will be a great option. But this conversion work is done by professional that has a good background in marine application as well as expertise associated with engine use and performance. Upon conversion other parts and accessories are widely available through marine suppliers shop online. Check out this basic conversion step by step procedure that may help you in converting auto engine to marine use.

Step by Step Procedure

Detach the exhaust headers from the vehicle engine using appropriate tool. Remove and disassemble the carburetor. After that you can now remove the pulley as well as the water pump from the engine. Then you will see at the base of the engine the lead freeze which you will need to pop and plug out. You can now remove the motor mounts from the block.

Install the heat exchangers, water cooled exhaust manifolds and the exhaust manifold gasket. At the front of the engine connect the marine water pump. Then connect the hoses of the heat exchanger to the water pump. In the engine compartment of the boat install a through-hull raw water intake, the remaining hoses as well as the water filter.

On the water cooled manifolds connect the exhaust tubes together with the needed clamps and gaskets. Once the engine is installed on the boat you can connect the remaining parts of the exhaust.

Check the carburetor and detached the fuel line fittings. Then attached the gas tank, fuel pump accessories, configured marine fittings for the rigid line or you can also used air craft rated fuel line as long as they are configured prior to marine use once the engine is installed. Having a 1 or 2 fuel filter will be great for the fuel supply system.

Also for the carburetor modify the intake manifold with tilt shims so that it will be fit and make sure that no space for air to pass through. As the bow of the boat rises the shims act as a guide for the carburetor to remain in level.

Into the intake manifold put in the carburetor flame arrestors. Put back the carburetor into the intake manifold. Prior to adjustments modify the throttle connection to the throttle control and cables of the boat.

On the engine block install the brass freeze and attach the marine motor which will be mounted at the engine block. You can now fill the crankcase of the engine with the appropriate and hi graded marine motor oil. Lastly on the engine compartment install external oil filters for the fuel system.

Model Car Collecting Tips

Collecting is a hobby that usually manifests at a very young age and surprisingly, even in this technologically-swamped society, is certainly showing no signs of abating. Depending on your preferences, collecting can be a breeze for some and a difficult challenge for others. If you are looking to start collecting, make sure you go for a style or model type which holds significant personal value to you. As noted in the Guinness World Records, the largest collection of model cars currently belongs to Michael Zarnock of Deerfield, New York. Having started his collection in 1968, his total number of models currently amounts to 8,128 which features a range of different HotWheels and alternative model cars. Such impressive hoards require years of dedication, and will be virtually impossible to build if you have no sustainable interest in the model types.

For many collectors today, the Internet is the best place to begin searching. Having selected a model type you love, your internet searches should contain key words relating to the model type, for example ‘Model Porsche’ and also the model number such as ‘Carrera’ or ‘911’. In addition to the Internet, other places to seek out your chosen model cars can range from trade shows, magazines, garage sales, hobby shops and toy shops.

Make sure you fully understand how that specific model is supposed to function before you buy it. For example, some will have doors which swing open, engine compartments that can be lifted, or removable wheels; you will need to make sure these features work properly if the model is to uphold any value. If you are purchasing online, make sure you can see multiple views of the model in question, which will ultimately give you an idea of the car’s overall condition.

Before proceeding with a purchase, there are several other items worth checking. Firstly, the model’s general appearance and visual appeal. Scratches, dull or faded colouring, scuff marks, paint loss and any other signs of wear and tear will affect the value of the model when it comes to merging it with a large collection. Secondly, check whether the model is the original or has been restored at some point. Whilst restored versions are usually perfectly fine, be aware that some of the components may not be the original parts. Particularly when it comes to paintwork and wheels as these tend to be the most commonly restored components of a model car.

Keep your models in the original packaging and ensure your storage area is dirt-free and distanced from any moisture or sunlight. This also means your models are protected from the model-enemy otherwise known as dust; many collectors opt for display cabinets which can vary from single display cases to gigantic large floor-standing versions designed to house a whole collection.

Nauticalia’s Classic Car Models currently cover a vast range of models ranging from steam-powered cars to more specific historic models such as the exclusive Bluebird which broke land speed records. Such a collection can be started and appreciated at any age, and being able to view and show off your collection with pride and rattle off the history and background knowledge you will have attained during the process, is truly rewarding for any true collector. Why not start your own collection and pay tribute to the incredible examples of engineering we have seen throughout history?