Recreational Vehicle: Is There One for You?

Do you have dreams of owning your own recreational vehicle? Have you imagined yourself at the lake every weekend with your own fifth wheel? Can you just see yourself behind the wheel of a motor coach headed for a cross-country adventure? Or maybe you are just not sure which recreational vehicle is right for you. You want to know what you can afford, and what type you should buy. Here are some basic suggestions:

Cost is probably the single most important factor in choosing a recreational vehicle. So, the first thing that you should do before you start shopping for an RV is to take a careful look at your finances. How much can you afford to put towards a down payment on a recreational vehicle? What is the highest monthly payment you would be able to fit in your budget? Remember to think about the cost of insurance and gas for the RV as well. You can get some great loan products from an online RV lending company with low interest rates and flexible terms.

Next you need to think about size and use. If you will only be spending the occasional weekend in the recreational vehicle your needs will be different than someone who will be living in the RV on a semi permanent or permanent basis. Even a family of 6 can fit in an economical tent trailer for a few days in the mountains-but it would not be a good idea for a couple to plan on spending months at a time in that same tent trailer.

The Class A is the biggest motorized RV on the market and the most luxurious. But travel trailers and fifth wheels can be sizeable towables with many features and amenities which make them appealing for long term travel. The choice is yours.